Conditions of Use

IBank allows those who provide IBank with personal information with an opportunity to review that information and contest its accuracy or completeness.  To make such a request, if you have questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy, or wish to obtain a copy of this privacy policy, please contact the person responsible for the implementation of and adherence to this privacy policy specified below:

Effective July 1, 2015

  1. The California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (“IBank”) is committed to protecting the privacy rights of individuals and has established the following policy to protect those rights by limiting the personal information that it collects and maintains. This policy has been developed and is maintained in accordance with the Information Practices Act of 1977 (Civ. Code § 1798 et seq.), the Public Records Act (Gov. Code § 6250 et seq.), Government Code sections 11015.5 and 11019.9, Business & Professions Code section 22575-22579, and other laws pertaining to information privacy
  2. IBank will only gather personally identifiable information through lawful means. We limit the collection of personal information to what is relevant and necessary to accomplish a lawful purpose. For example, we may need to know someone’s name, address, and/or telephone number, among other things, to respond to questions and/or provide some requested information. Personal information, as defined in the Information Practices Act, includes, but is not limited to, information that identifies or describes an individual, including, his or her name, social security number, home address, home telephone number, email address, education, financial matters, and medical or employment history. IBank may also receive information from public agencies, companies and non-profit entities seeking to work with IBank and/or as part of an application relating to IBank’s products and services.  IBank only collects personal information that is appropriate for the type of service requested.
  3. When you view information on this IBank website, some non-confidential data may be collected, such as information from your browser, the time and date of access, and where you went during your visit. The website may place and subsequently retrieve simple text files called “cookies” that identify you and your computer to our Internet site. Cookies do not contain personal or confidential information about you and will only be used to monitor activity on this website.  Cookies cannot be used to run programs or deliver viruses to your computer. IBank does not collect home, business, or email addresses or account information from people who simply browse IBank’s website.

However, persistent culture cookies are used to collect username and language setting information and must be deleted manually by the user.  In addition, tracking cookies may be used to provide information to Google Analytics. Google tracking cookies, used by every website that employs Google Analytics, store information that identifies IP addresses.

  1. The purposes for which personally identifiable data is collected shall be specified prior to the time of collection. Any subsequent use of the information is limited to purposes consistent with the purpose(s) given at the time of collection. Personally identifiable data collected shall be relevant to the purpose for which it is needed. IBank shall maintain in its records only personal information that is relevant and necessary to accomplish a purpose of IBank required or authorized by the California Constitution, statute, regulation, or mandated by the federal government. (Civ. Code § 1798.14).
  2. Personal identifiable data will not be disclosed, made available, sold, or otherwise used by IBank for purposes other than those specified, except with the consent of the subject of the data, or as required by state or federal law or regulation, including court order. Civil Code section1798.24 contains a list of exceptions to the overall prohibition on disclosure of personal information. Some of these exceptions include requests made pursuant to the Public Records Act, a search warrant or subpoena, or a request by the individual to whom the information pertains. For a complete list of circumstances where disclosure is permitted, please contact the person responsible for the implementation of and adherence to this privacy policy specified below.
  3. IBank uses secure technologies to protect all personal information from unauthorized viewing by either internal or external sources.  IBank will label any “non-secure” forms and explain that you should not use them to send confidential information.

Personally identifiable information is stored in secure locations. IBank staff is trained on procedures for the release of information, and access to such information is limited to those staff whose work requires it. Electronically collected personal information is exempt from disclosure when requested under the California Public Records Act (see Gov. Code § 6250.)

Jeffrey Ingles, Privacy Officer
1325 J Street, Suite 1300
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 341-6600