California Lending for Energy and Environmental Needs (CLEEN) Center

IBank established the California Lending for Energy and Environmental Needs (CLEEN) Center to encourage public and private investments. The CLEEN Center utilizes IBank’s access to capital markets for clean energy and energy efficiency projects and will help drive energy related projects for State and local governments in California through the Statewide Energy Efficiency Program (SWEEP).

IBank is an integral part of protecting California’s (State) environment and vast natural resources by offering financing that helps achieve the State’s greenhouse gas reduction goals. At the same time, IBank enhances the quality of life our State is known for by promoting and stimulating economic growth, creating clean energy jobs, protecting and caring for the environment and revitalizing communities. Read more…

Statewide Energy Efficiency Program (SWEEP)

  • Financing to State and local governments for approved energy efficiency projects.
  • Target clean energy projects such as generation, distribution, transmission and storage of electrical energy, energy conservation measures, environmental mitigation measures, and water treatment and distribution.
  • Financing can be funded via a combination of a direct loan from IBank or public market tax-exempt bonds.

Program Objectives

  • Provide low-cost financing vehicles, which reduce the cost of clean energy and energy efficiency projects.
  • Leverage existing public programs and funds to attract private sector investment.
  • Encourage private investment by reducing the overall risk of clean energy projects.

Criteria, Priorities and Guidelines


In order to use this version of the application, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader. The latest version of Acrobat Reader is available to download free from Adobe's website. Submit completed applications, or questions, via email to or by mail to P.O. Box 2830 Sacramento, CA 95812-2830.

Please be sure to download and save the application PRIOR to entering any data.

 Program Contact

Questions about the CLEEN program? Please contact:

Diane Cummings, Deputy Director of Credit or Tad Thomas, Loan Program Manager
1325 J Street, 18th Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2830, Sacramento, CA 95812-2830

Telephone: (916) 341-6600

FAX: (916) 322-6314

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